Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cleansing Is Hell-But worth it.

Last week, I posted that I was starting a spring cleanse using the Nature's Secret product The Ultimate Cleanse. It's a product I've used before with some success. Yesterday, however, one of my commentators wrote to me:
I got the Detox package you posted a few days ago, and since Tuesday night I have been taking it. After I got the package I started reading the Amazon review and was not very comfortable to take it, but since I had opened the package I did. On Amazon some people had posted about side effects, but I have to say, I am not experiencing any side bad effects. I am experiencing side effects as explained there, but nothing uncomfortable.

My curiosity was peeked, so I went to Amazon to read the reviews. I have to admit that some of them were pretty negative, but since I've cleansed before, not unexpected. Most of the "bad" side effects they detailed, were pretty typical of what happens during a cleanse.

The problem, I guess, was that people bought into the idea of "cleansing" without fully understanding what it means to cleanse. I started using the Ultimate Cleanse on the advice of my knowledgeable, local health food store dude. You know the type, an older, former hippy-type, with long, flowing gray hair.

The first time that I did the Ultimate Cleanse cleanse, I had already done several hard-core cleanses, including a couple of juice fasts and a raw food vegan fast. So, I was already pretty "clean," and didn't really have any extreme reactions.

I'm going to be honest here--cleansing when you start doing it can be pretty uncomfortable. It's no walk in the park. It's not uncommon to feel like absolute shit the first couple of times you cleanse during the actual cleansing period. Afterwards you feel great, but the first few times I did cleanses, I had serious head-aches, ran fevers and my skin broke out--all pretty typical experiences.

You feel awful, because as you "cleanse" toxins stored in your fat are re-released into your system. The cleanse helps you to rid your body of these toxins, but before they clear out you full just awful. We all react to cleanses in our own ways. My sister when she cleanses has to set days aside to do nothing but sleep.

I'm at a point now that when I cleanse, most of the worst stuff is behind me. I feel a little sluggish, get a couple of minor break-outs, and maybe want to take a nap now and again, but it's basically all stuff I can deal with.

I know many plenty who are willing to "suffer to be beautiful." As someone who's gone through her own share of bikini waxes, I can attest to suffering for beauty myself. So, it always mystifies me why these same people find it intolerable to do a little "suffering" to be clean of toxins? In the end, it makes you beautiful as well.

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