Friday, February 11, 2011

Yet Another Reason to Avoid Diet Soda

In addition to being a chemical laden brew with no nutritional value, new studies show that diet soda drinkers are at a higher risk for strokes and heart attack.

Read about it here:

Just because it's "zero" calories, doesn't mean it's any good for you. Try to stick with water instead.


  1. Yes but, do they think it's the bromide, the man made artificial sweetners, the artificial flavors, the colorant used or a combo of all. Or could it be the carbonation? Hmmm... My bet is that it lies with the type of sweetner mostly and to some extent the rest of the garbage. So I wonder does this extend to coffee drinkers who dose their drinks with man made chemicals as well or all those crystal light drinkers, too. I wonder if they were to sweeten it with say stevia or xylitol if the results would be the same? For me - I'll stay away from the artificial sugar. :) I agree more ammo on why we should drink water instead. Good comic - nice plumbers crack. ;-)

  2. We saw this on the news and I was SOOOOO happy my husband was there to view it. He drinks diet soda ALL day, EVERY day. I'm talking liters of it. He HAS cut back on it since January, but...still...I always thought it was much he drank.

    I don't know if the news report has stopped him completely, but...he's one of those guys who always thinks he's outside of the realm of "that-could-happen-to-me." He also has issues texting while driving: WITH OUR KIDS IN THE CAR! And I'm forever trying to get him to stop, but...he's an idiot.

    Diet soda isn't that great. Water is better!

  3. I am unfortunatly one of those addicted to Diet Pepsi and yes you will find me ordering diet soda with my meal. I figure why pile more calories on top and I like the carbonation, makes me feel full.

    I am blogging about my addiction on my blog right now.

    Anyway, I have seven DP left in the house. I have tried to kick it before, twice before to be honest. This frightens me and also makes me skeptical (coffee, bad one day, healthy the next) but I would like to kick it anyway and save the money up to get something good for me.

    Comic is cute but also a very sad reality of today.

  4. I feel your pain Cheesehead. I was a diet soda addict for years. My advice is to start small and up the ante over time. I started by just not having the soda in the house (moving to teas and water), and limiting myself to just one while I was out. Eventually I was able to kick the habit altogether. I now can't imagine drinking a soda, it just tastes awful to me now.

    As to coffee, that's another story. I usually go for a couple of months in the summer without coffee, but I just love the stuff when it's cold. I don't, however, buy those caloric-laden coffee drinks from Starbucks, etc.. I usually make my own coffee in the morning with just almond milk (I have dairy issues now that I'm older). It would probably be better to not drink coffee at all, but you have to have some minor indulges. I just make sure I'm not loading up on sugar and crap chemicals when I'm enjoying my morning cup of Joe.

  5. Thanks for sharing your story. Yah, it is doable I know. Coffee, well, I am down to 1/2 decaf and if I want more I have total decaf. I like my coffee black so additives have never been an issue and as for the flavored stuff I never liked it.

    Because I drink so much at a crack I need a POT of tea, not by the cup. I don't like stopping what I am doing just to make another cup of tea. Yah, I am lazy too, that is why I am FAT! LOL.

  6. I used to think I was lazy. Then I switched thyroid medications, and suddenly I had more energy than I knew what to do with. Sadly, another doctor insisted that I switch meds again (bad side effects), but now I don't think the problem (of needing lots of caffeine to get going) is altogether my fault.
    On the other hand, one good thing about drinking tea by the pot is that you end up running to the pot a lot ... damn, I hate it when my sentences start to rhyme. It's good exercise to have to get up every couple hours, that's all I was trying to say.