Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Got Eggs?

After years of being told that eggs are bad for your cholesterol, it turns out that eggs are actually healthy for you. Read about it here:

It makes sense, eggs are a natural product and an excellent source of protein, so of course eating eggs, in moderation, has got to be better for you then some over processed crap. Here's what the author had to say:

"What we don't eat has implications for what we do, and I think it very likely that general advice to avoid eggs actually served to lower overall diet quality -- by increasing intake of refined starches and added sugars. We have a study protocol currently under review that will examine the question: do you wind up with better overall diet quality and health with advice to exclude, or include, eggs? You know which way I'm betting.

I hasten to add that a diet can certainly be optimal without including eggs. (If people swapped out egg breakfasts for mixed berries, walnuts, and oatmeal -- I would have no objection; but I have not seen much of that!) A balanced vegan diet, for example, is a powerful force for good health.

But well-informed and dedicated vegans are a vanishingly small part of the population. Most Americans, and much of the world's population, eat mixed diets in which eggs are not taboo. Eggs have been avoided by members of these groups not because of cultural prohibitions, but in an attempt to avoid a concentrated source of dietary cholesterol, and its potential harms".

In other words, by avoiding eating a natural product, eggs, we ate stuff that was actually worse for us.

Of course, eating too much of anything is bad. You don't want to be eating a dozen eggs a day, but having eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner a few times a week is probably a good way to lower your overall calorie count, but still get the protein you need.

You can also do what I do, either make your eggs with just egg whites, or mix it up. Have one whole egg and 2 egg whites, etc.


  1. This news made me happy because I friggin' love eggers. Egg whites in particular!

  2. I never gave up on the old egg!Somewhere down deep inside I knew that a natural product from a chicken was better than something that had ingredients I couldn't pronounce!

    I am going to go hug a chicken now!