Monday, February 14, 2011

Get Active!! You Can Do it!!~

I've been posting quite a bit about learning to enjoy the cold weather, exercise wise, and this morning I read this blog post by the CEO of Weight Watchers International. Read it here:

Dave, the Weight Watchers CEO, writes about learning to ski after the age of 40, and even jokes about not being too good at it.

But the point is, he does it. You shouldn't let your fear of not being Olympic grade material stop you from moving. Instead of taking the "easy" Winter-time vacation route of heading somewhere warm where he could lounge by a pool with a big (calorie laden) drink, Dave is out there moving and improving his skiing skills.

And, as for kids being better skiers, Dave let me tell you this. I started to ski when I was three. I'm now 49. I actually skied competitively for a while, and have probably, in my past, skied some of the most challenging runs in this country (including Mary Jane in Winter Park).

My ten year old daughter is now on the way to being a much better skier then me. It has to do with age, Dave. When you get to a certain age, you learn that your legs can just no longer take the punishment of the slopes (and icy moguls). You trade in your longer skis for shorter ones, and learn to only ski moguls when there's a good layer of fresh snow on them.

So stop worrying that your kids ski better, and just enjoy the ride.


  1. Moguls and ice scare the crud out of me. Bad incident happened to me once while snowboarding in VT. OMG...I've never forgotten the pain of landing on my left thigh. NEVER! Haha!

  2. You've got it. I am a WW leader and up here in beautiful, cold and snowy Canada. It is a crime so many people don't get out and enjoy the winter and stay active. I tend to be more active in the winter as a skier, skater and just took up snowshoeing. It is the only way I can maintain my weight and energy. I am 49 and love being healthy and active.