Tuesday, February 1, 2011

US Government to the People: Eat Less

I had to re-post this video from the Onion News Network, because now it's official. The US Government is now recommending that Americans just eat less. Read about it here: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/01/business/01food.html?_r=3&hp

I think the advice to cover half your plate with vegetables is a good one, and I'd go further, try to at least 50% of your diet over a week consist of fruits and vegetables and have at least 25% consist of whole grains and nuts.

The other recommendation, to just eat less is a good one.

And, I would really, really, really like to see at least the option for smaller portions at restaurants. Yes, I understand that the bulk of the population thinks they are getting gypped if they don't get enough food on their plate in a restaurant to feed a small village in India for a week. But, there are some of us who don't want that much food, and really resent having to pay for it.

Can't they just offer two different sized portions of entrees with separate prices? That way if people insist they need enough food and calories to put on 20 pounds in a year, they can get it, while those of us who prefer to not gain weight can get right sized portions.

And, its not just sit down restaurants that are problematic. Why is it when you go in a bakery in America that croissants are literally twice the size of the ones you get in France? I would actually like to indulge in a Pain au Chocolat from time to time, as I do when I'm in France, but don't because I know I'll wipe out half my allowable calories with just one pastry.

Or how about making muffins muffin sized, and not the size of a small cake? Sometimes when I'm travelling, I would actually like to buy a nice bran muffin, but the only available ones are so big, that I'd have to be in close proximity to a toilet all day. I can, and often do, only eat half and throw away the rest, but that's a waste of money, and resources. Again, when I'm in Europe, pastries are smaller, and I appreciate it. If you really feel that you need more, you can always buy two, which is fun, because then you can buy two different kinds and taste both.

So, my fellow Americans, let's stand up to the food industry and demand less.

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  1. Too true. If they want us to eat less, serve us less. I love this video.