Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Under 128!!

This morning I got on the scale and I was 127.8 pounds. I almost didn't step on because I thought for sure I gained weight over the weekend. It was Memorial Day weekend, and I went off my usual raw diet. I even went out for a heavy brunch Sunday morning with my family (my fritatta was scrumptious).

The only thing that can explain the weight loss was that I spent a lot of time gardening. You can expend over 300 calories an hour gardening, and I spent most of the day on both Saturday and Monday in the yard. The work paid off. My vegetable and herb gardens are just about set, the planters are finished, and I made good progress on the annuals.

There's still work to do, but I managed to get a big proportion of it done. Needless to say, after spending five or six hours in the garden, I wasn't up for getting on the treadmill or going for a walk (although I did go to yoga first thing on both Saturday and Monday). The only thing that appealed to me at that point was to fill up my claw-foot tub with lavender scented Epsom salts and having a good soak (which I needed because I was caked in dirt both days!)

And, on Sunday, I went hiking with my family after brunch, and then took a second walk after we got home (when you're hiking with an eight year old, needless to say the hike isn't too strenuous).

So although I did "overindulge" this weekend, I managed to get in a enough physical activity to burn off the extra calories I indulged in. Additionally, the plan for this week is to go more "raw" to offset the extra non-raw food I enjoyed over the weekend. Salad for dinner tonight.

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