Friday, September 30, 2011

The Upside to Cancer--FREE LIPO!!!

My surgery for my breast cancer is scheduled for next Wednesday.   The good news is that my tumor is very small-less then one centimeter.   The bad news is that because of the kind of breast cancer I have--invasive Lobular--they have to remove a fairly large amount to make sure they get clean margins.

A plastic surgeon will be working with my breast surgeon to help reconstruct the breast.   The first phase will involve "re-segmenting" the breast to prevent a collapse which will leave the overall breast smaller.  They plastic surgeon compared it to the fanning out the segments of an orange. I'll have to "stuff" one side of my bra for a while so that I don't appear lop-sided.

The second part will happen about a year later.   It's a technique called "fat grafting."   They are going to liposuction one area of my body and then graph the fat into the re-segmented breast to even it out with the other one.

So the bad news is I have breast cancer.   The good news is that it looks like I'll finally be able to get rid of my persistent muffin top.

Did I mention that numerous girlfriends have offered their fat if I need any extra?


  1. I love your attitude! My sister had a double mastectomy that included taking a band of belly fat to reconstruct her breasts, so she got a tummy tuck and breast lift in the deal. :) I too offered tummy fat to her if she wanted to go Dolly Parton big, but she declined.

    Can I tell you a funny side effect? She was telling me that apparently fat cells have "memory". And previous to her surgery, when she would gain a little weight it would go to her belly. Now when she gains a little weight, it shows up in her boobies. Cracks me up!

    Best of luck to you with the surgery and recovery. ((((LWA45))))

    I've enjoyed your blog for quite a while, and expect to continue doing so! :)))

  2. Beat this damn thing to smithereens, baby. And may your new dimensions be awesome. Muffin top begone!

    I'm sending super positive wishes your way for total healing!

  3. Best wishes for a smooth and well-supported recovery. I'll be checking in to hear how things went. I hope you don't mind a virtual hug.

  4. Good luck with next Wednesday. I'll be thinking of you.

  5. Don't worry everything will be alright just focus on the moment. Wish you safe return from the hospital and will be looking forward to your blog telling us you are back and hearty.

    John Benjamin
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  6. Virtual hug from me too, doll!

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