Monday, October 3, 2011

The Comfort of Food

This is breast cancer awareness month, which really, really sucks when you've just been diagnosed with breast cancer.   Those damn pink ribbons are everywhere, so I can't even run into the grocery store to pick up a roll of paper towels without being reminded that I have cancer.  

I guess that after this is all over I may take some comfort in this annual breast cancerthon, but right now it just plain old sucks.

I have taken comfort in two areas, however.   First, I've surrounded myself with flowers (many courtesy of my friends who know I love flowers.)

Two, food.    Now, I don't mean I'm gobbling down 7 layer chocolate cakes, but food can be really comfortingl, and you can be food comforted without breaking the calorie bank.

Last Thursday after seeing my surgeon for the first time I took my kids out for lunch.   The kids had the day off for the Jewish holiday, so they tagged along while I discussed the how, when and where's of my surgery.

So, I'm sitting in this diner on the Post Road in Westport about to order my usual salad when my eyes focused in on the Mazto ball soup listed half a column up.  

I had this enormous empty feeling inside of me, and the IDEA of Mazto ball soup just seemed so warming and filling.   I got the soup and slowly drank in the broth while keeping up my happy front for my children. 

I think I'll remember every spoonful of that one bowl of soup for the rest of my life.

The other "comfort food" I keep turning to is oatmeal.   After an endless September of hot, muggy weather, we are finally getting Autumnal coolness here in Connecticut.   

At night I go to bed thinking I'll just have fruit in the morning, but every morning I wake up knowing I need the warmth and comfort of a bowl of oatmeal.

BTW, my friends and family threw me this incredible party on Saturday.  It was actually a "surprise" 50th birthday party, but it turned  into so much more.  

I did tell everyone, however, that they are never, ever to attempt to pin a pink ribbon on me.   


  1. I hope you find some peace in the weeks and months ahead. I was an oncology nurse for several day at a time.......don't hold it in. Find someone who you can really vent and talk to.
    Hugs and positive thoughts your way.

  2. My BC was a couple of years ago and it wasn't that bad (as having cancer goes) but I find that I avert my eyes from all the pink stuff. I really do *want* women to be aware but on a personal level I can't deal with it. I do hope things work out for you.

  3. Try cooking your oatmeal (if it's steel cut) in apple juice or apple cider now in season instead of water. Yum. I suggest that you get a bunch of hilarious movies to watch during recovery. I hear that laughter really is healing. Seriously :)

  4. My dear, I was diagnosed 3 years ago on Oct 1. So the pink was right in my face from day one of the diagnosis. It will get better but it will be a ride!! Sounds like you are doing well, and getting yourself in good shape for what's to come.