Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bat-Sh!t Crazies Week

I should officially name this Bat-Shit Crazies Week.   Following my posts yesterday on nuttier then nuts politician Michelle Bachman comes this move by PETA--an organization that seems to be entirely composed of bat-shit crazy animal lovers. 

What did PETA do?   Well in attempting to convince more people to become vegetarians or vegans they registered a porn site and hired porn stars to promote their message.

I guess nothing quite says "end exploitation of animals" like exploiting women.

Now as anyone who reads my blog regularly knows, I'm all for eating a primarily plant-based diet, and even promote short periods of vegetarianism or veganism in the name of health and weight loss.

But, I've never advocated for entirely eliminating animal products from one's diet for a number of reasons.   For one thing, I believe that we were meant to be omnivores and completely eliminating animal products from our diet is just as unhealthy as eating too much.  

For another thing, I lack the animal compassion gene--I really couldn't care less if a chicken lost it's life to sit on my plate as long as it was raised organically.   In fact, I have, in the past, participated in the slaughtering of animals prior to eating them. 

Finally, I always thought that vegans and vegetarians were tremendous pain-in-the asses with a "look at me, I'm more virtuous then you" attitude.  I put them on par with religious fundamentalists of all religions (they're all just as bad IMHO). 

So, the message of "don't eat meat to be kind to animals" is pretty much completely lost on me, and I'm completely in the dark as to why PETA would think that somehow tying that same message to porn is going to change it.

Maybe I should go out and buy some fur to protest PETA's exploitation of women?   I just bought a new Bogner Ski Jacket two weeks ago, and the sales lady told me I can separately purchase this adorable raccoon fur lining for the hood.



  1. I so enjoy reading your blog, you always say what everyone wants to say but never does. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing!

  2. Wow. My opinion about you just changed radically - I previously admired you and enjoyed your blod.

  3. blog - hit the wrong key - sorry.

  4. I remember when a group like this (may or may not have been Peta) was protesting a local fur shop. They sent out a reminder to those who would be protesting to not wear leather shoes or coats... An earlier protest had lost a bit of steam over that.