Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How Many Calories Does Hurricane Preparation and Clean-Up Burn?

I'm still in my post-Irene phase here in Connecticut.   We got our power back on Tuesday, but it wasn't until Saturday that I thought the basement dry enough again to begin moving all the boxes of Christmas ornaments, teaching materials, yoga mats, blankets, etc. back into the basement.

Preparing for the hurricane took two full days.   I had to empty the previously mentioned basement (because I knew we'd lose power and when we lose power we lose our sump pump and then the basement fills with water.)  Everything that was moved out of the basement was moved into the dining room.  I also had to move our rather heavy teak outdoor dining room set inside, along with all the umbrellas we use to create shade in our outside dining and sitting areas.

Then there was the matter of surveying our two acres of property and making determinations as to whether or not something could be a "projectile" that could cause problems in 70 MPH winds.   Many garden ornaments, watering cans, plant supports, etc. had to be moved into either one of the sheds, or our barn.

Then there was the matter of stocking the house.   When we lose power, we lose our pump which means we have no running water.    Tubs had to be filled to give us water we could scoop out with buckets into our toilet bowl tanks to flush our toilets (although on the last day I was actually taking buckets of water out of the basement and hauling them two flights of stairs up to the second floor toilets).

Gallons of drinking water also had to be bought and carried into the house.

Needless to say, while I didn't have a lot of time to exercise during the hurricane, prep, power outage and clean-up, none-the-less all the extra "activities" I had to engage in during the hurricane prep, power outage and clean-up, have no doubt burned quite a few calories.

Now if I could just find a chart somewhere telling me how many  calories I burned, I'd be a happy camper.

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  1. Went through something similar in 2004 when we had 3 back to back hurricanes. I think the kids started school 3 times and we were out of power for 8 days.
    I agree lots of hard work.