Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cheese = The Grim Reaper?

A group known as the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has posted this billboard in Wisconsin.   They're claiming that eating cheese can make you sick and fat.

Now, this group isn't saying that eating an excess amount of cheese is bad, they seem to be claiming that eating ANY cheese is bad, and that feeding it to your children is tantamount to child abuse. 

I did a bit of digging around and found at that PCRM  is an organization that promotes, among other things, veganism that has in the past made dubious claims regarding eating hot dogs.

As anyone who reads my blog with any frequency knows, I like to come down hard on big food making health claims based on shady research that they've bought. 

So, when I see an over the top fear tactic like this one by a group promoting veganism I'm going to come down just as hard.

I've written before that eating an excess of animal products, including cheese, will hamper your ability to take weight off and keep it off.   Unlike the gals who wrote Skinny Bitch, however, I'm not going to preach that if you want to be thin you should be 100% vegan.

I myself, realized a few years ago that dairy products don't really "agree" with me anymore.   Whenever I indulge I get bloated and excessively "bubbly." 

Believe me, you wouldn't want to be in the same room with me afterwards. 

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