Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Motivation--Or Any Excuse for a New Pair of Bitchen Shoes

I firmly believe that eating right and trying to be at your optimum weight should always be a full time focus.  
But let's get real, sometimes one needs a little motivation to stay on course, or, even better, make some improvements.

Well, a few months ago I found out my husband was throwing me a "surprise" 50th birthday party.   It's going to be October 1st (my 50th party is actually January 3, 2012).

I found out about it from my husband.   He had become overwhelmed by the planning of the event, and realized he needed me to help.  

However, because my mother, sisters and several friends where also involved in the party planning, he didn't want to ruin the "surprise" for them, and so I'm not supposed to know about it (even though I actually do know about it).

Well, knowing that there was going to be a major party for me, in which I was going to be the center of attention has been a MAJOR motivating factor for me throughout the Summer, to eat lightly, exercise frequently and avoid sweets and junk food. 

And, knowing that there is going to be this major party for me was also an excuse to go out and buy a sexy MaxMara dress and a new set of black patent leather, peep-toed, sling-back, Jimmy Choos.

It's nice to be surprised.


  1. Did you mean your 50th bday is Jan. 3rd 2012? BTW - those shoes are WoW!

  2. Losing Weight After 45 is a BitchSeptember 7, 2011 at 3:32 PM

    Yep, I did mean 2012. Correction made, and you should see what those shoes look like on!

  3. My back hurts looking at them! Don't fall off of them and hurt yourself. They are pretty sexy though. Have a wonderful birthday.

  4. Happy birthday babe!! enjoy the Choos and rock the 50th!!! :)