Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bachman is Bat-Shit Crazy--A Reply to Downsizers

Every so often I get a comment on a posting that I just have to reply to.   Earlier today I commented on a speech Michelle Bachman made.    Well, someone who I guess has listened to a little too much talk radio and seems incapable of a single original thought of their own made this comment to me:

You weaken your position when you reduce an issue to name calling. This is my main problem with liberals - the arrogance. People with whom you do not agree are beneath your contempt, lack intelligence, and just don't measure up. I was discussing a topic with a liberal the other day and Sarah Palin came up. One liberal went for her hair style (made me wonder if her lipstick was OK) and of course the comments about intelligence. Both these women have degrees and have been elected to office. Their intelligence would probably at least match yours. A liberal the other day reminded me about Palin saying she could see Russia. Anyone ever say something like "deeper than the deep blue sea" or "over the rainbow" or "older than dirt"? Could Palin have been speaking rhetorically about how clear in was in Alaska and how far one could see due to large open areas? This person went on to say she was a quitter; I googled why she resigned as governor of Alaska - perhaps liberals should do that as well. Stick to the issue please.

Downsizers, what the?????  I'm not exactly doing thoughtful political analysis here.  I'm commenting on what I think about issues revolving around food, food politics, dieting, weight loss, healthy eating, women's issues, etc.   I could give you in-depth, well thought out reasons as to why neither Palin or Bachman should be allowed anywhere near the reins of government, but I'm not.  If I was going to do that I would start a whole new political blog and call it A Connecticut Bitch Talks Politics.

Oh, and BTW, I'm a Republican.   I worked on both of Ronald Reagan's campaigns for President, and on Giuliani's first run for Mayor.

It's not just "liberals" who think that Bachman is bat shit crazy and Palin a very sad commentary on the downfall of our entire political system.   Many people who fall on the right of the political spectrum think so as well.

If you're looking for thoughtful analysis of Bachman and Palin weaknesses without "name calling" I suggest you look to actual conservative commentators such as George Will and Peggy Noonan.

But here, if I want to call some politician bat shit crazy, then I'm going to call them bat shit crazy because it's my blog and I can do what I want to do here, and I don't need some Rush Limbaugh drone calling me a "liberal" just because I believe that both Palin and Bachman are about as crazy as crazy gets without being confined to the nut-house.



  1. Clap! Clap! Clap! Can you do a spin off though with "A Connecticut Bitch Talks Politics" because it sounds awesome!

  2. Losing Weight After 45 is a BitchSeptember 22, 2011 at 6:58 AM

    Maybe once the political season heats up. In the meantime might I suggest my favorite right of center blog? It's the Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan.