Wednesday, September 21, 2011

She Has Got to be Kidding

I understand that this crazy-assed, bat-shit nuts lady doesn't stand a rat's chance in hell of ever getting to be elected president (nor will her repressed homosexual husband ever get to be first dude), but Michelle Bachman is already a member of Congress.   Therefore, it is truly terrifying to think that she actually believes that the food industry is over-regulated.

Read about what she has to say here.

Hello!!! Michelle how many more people have to get sick and/or die from tainted spinach, hamburger, lettuce, eggs, cantaloupes and tomatoes until you feel that maybe, just maybe, the US government needs to do a little something extra to keep it's citizens from dying after eating a meal?


  1. You weaken your position when you reduce an issue to name calling. This is my main problem with liberals - the arrogance. People with whom you do not agree are beneath your contempt, lack intelligence, and just don't measure up. I was discussing a topic with a liberal the other day and Sarah Palin came up. One liberal went for her hair style (made me wonder if her lipstick was OK) and of course the comments about intelligence. Both these women have degrees and have been elected to office. Their intelligence would probably at least match yours. A liberal the other day reminded me about Palin saying she could see Russia. Anyone ever say something like "deeper than the deep blue sea" or "over the rainbow" or "older than dirt"? Could Palin have been speaking rhetorically about how clear in was in Alaska and how far one could see due to large open areas? This person went on to say she was a quitter; I googled why she resigned as governor of Alaska - perhaps liberals should do that as well. Stick to the issue please.

  2. I want to be Supreme Empress. Then they'll see what food regulation REALLY IS. Everything would be humane, organic, and the only foods subsidized would be fresh, whole, real food. Not a speck of crap or sugar, fake stuff, inflammatory oils, artificial coloring, MSG gluten, etc. I'd be merciless. MERCILESS.

    Um, yeah, the inner tyrant in me would just make Michelle Bachman look like a sweet angel of delight.

  3. Oh, and I will add that i don't think the food supply can be 100% safe. Not possible. Period. Some folks will always get ill/sick. And I guess most of the sickness if from poor food handling IN THE HOME. In restaurants.

    I mean, I've seen horrible meat/poultry handling stuff with my own relatives. And every case of food poinsoning I've gotten bar one has been from food made by folks I know. Um..well...