Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yet Another Reason to Watch Your Weight

Excess weight correlates with declining cognitive ability as we age:

One of the things I noticed was that as I lost weight, not only did my energy levels rise, but my mental clarity did as well.


  1. Please, I don't need any more bad news!!

  2. you know how you might feel tired after a meal? that is the carbohydrates producing an insulin response that tells your body to store all the energy available, even so much that you don't have enough to move easily which is why you feel tired

    the simpler (more refined) the carbohydrate, aka white flour/rice the worse the effect

    even if a food high (% wise) in refined carbohydrate has a small amount of calories (because it's a small serving) the body will tend to want to store it (regardless of your energy needs) and you'll also get/stay hungry. if you replace those calories with fat, you will have a smaller serving, but a serving that a)doesn't produce an insulin response that tells your body to store all this energy and b)fill you up - make you feel satisfied of the need of food

    this is all based on evidence and scientific/biochemical processes and understanding

  3. Dear Browns, this is very interesting. Do you have a link to back it up?

  4. From my reading of the article, the researchers have established a correlation between cognitive performance & BMI (One goes down, the other goes up). What I'm not seeing is the causal relationship. Did she in fact establish this?