Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Won an Award!!!

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, but I started my yoga teacher training and had a full day intensive program. More about that another time.

I've won my first blogging award, and I'm thrilled. I'm now a "Blog with Substance."

Thank you so much to Bloojay for the honor. If I had to win any blogging award, I'm thrilled to know that my readers believe I add substance to their lives.

Now, as part of accepting this award I have to describe my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience in 10 words.

That's tough. I need 50 or 60 words to really impart that information, but we do live in an age where people expect short, pithy, catchy blurbs. So it looks like I have to crystallize my raison d'etre.

Here it goes, in 10 words or less:

"I blog, therefore I am." (Sorry Descartes).

OK, now the longer explanation. I blog to provide motivation for myself to stay on my journey to a healthier, saner weight and continue to exercise, and hope to help anyone else on their own journey who cares to read my daily thoughts. There's a lot of misinformation and hype concerning what it takes to get ourselves and our families to a healthy weight and keep it there. So I want to dispel the mythology and replace it with true knowledge.

Blogging motivates me to research daily what's being said and written in the science of healthy living. And, by posting links and commenting on what's new in this area, I'm disseminating that information to you, my readers.

This blog is not about looking like some underage, teen-age model or air-brushed cover photo of a celebrity. It's about living healthy and being happy with ourselves. It's also about providing positive images to our families, to guide them on the path of eating well and exercising for the rest of their lives.

So once again, I thank Bloojay for the honor, and will pass on this award to ten other deserving blogs.


  1. Thanks for sharing the award with me. I really appreciate it. I agree BTW my blogging philosphy can't be explained is so few words either, LOL.


  2. I stopped by your lovely blog today. When you are writing your post, click on the Edit HTML tab, you should be able to delete/add lines there.
    Less of Me

  3. Yoga Teacher Training programs are very helpful in learning deep aspects of yoga.

  4. Happy Yoga Training Time!! It's an awesome process! AND Congrats on the blog award :) We're out here reading!