Friday, July 23, 2010

These Chemicals are Making you Fat

A really fascinating article on how some food-borne chemicals can actually be causing you to gain weight and hampering attempts to lose weight:

Essentially, non-0rganic food contains a lot of endocrine disrupting chemicals which the article calls "obesogens." These obesogens disrupt the body's regulatory system for controlling weight, causing weight gain (or failure to lose weight).

If you want to lose weight (or not organic) the rules are simple:

1. EAT ORGANIC. I don't think I could emphasize this enough.

2. Avoid plastic. Don't heat your foods in plastic, drink from plastic, or store your food in plastic.

3. Go lean. Hormones are stored in fat, so the leaner you go the more you'll avoid the hormones.

4. Drink Filtered Water. It's easy enough to do. I have a couple of the Brita system filters, and refill my water bottles from them as well.


  1. I won a little award and wanted to pass it on to you because I really love your blog, and in a way, my success is your success.

    The award is:

    The 3 rules for it are
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  2. Bloojay, thank you so much, I'll try to do this later because I start my yoga teacher training this morning and got to fly.