Monday, July 5, 2010

What the F@ck????

Every so often something unexpected happens with my weight and I have no idea why. Two weeks ago I weighed in at 127 - 128 pounds. Yesterday I stepped on the scale and it read 131.2. Thinking it might be a temporary water weight issue, I watched my water and salt consumption yesterday.

So this morning I stepped on the scale and it still read 131.2.


It had literally taken months for me to get rid of the last of my "winter weight" and I was actually hoping to get down to 125 or so in the next month or so. I managed to put back on in about a week and a half the weight that it took me 3 months to lose.

And, I really don't understand how I could have put it on. I had just come off my cleanse, and had been maintaining a pretty healthy diet. I wasn't exercising any less, and I've actually doing more chores around the house and yard which should be burning off extra calories. Hell, I spent over five hours in the last week, including time on my hands and knees, scrubbing down my master bath in anticipation of painting (the tile looked so grubby that I thought it would look even worse with new paint).

I had noticed that the waistbands on my shorts and skirts felt "tight" again, and couldn't understand why, but now I know.

It's just all so frustrating. At my age it takes forever to lose a pound, but a nanosecond to gain one.


  1. I hear ya...fluctuating hormones, water weight, I don't know, it seems that my body is so easily thrown out of balance now. Can't get away with a damn thing!

  2. For me it takes 2 or 3 drops of beer or wine combined with a little extra summer fruit and a whiff of cheese or any dairy. Just a whiff. Sometimes a freshly cleansed body gets confused and anxious about what comes next. I bet it goes back to normal once it finds it's routine!

  3. I just comment and got a naughty naughty from the computer, I'll try again. This over 45 thing is a B! I'm thinking your small gain could be related to the cleanse.