Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Me, Exposed

A while back I promised to post some pictures of myself to conform with the "Exposed" movement. Generally, when you "expose" yourself, you're supposed to post pictures of yourself in your underwear.
As I explained back then, I spent a little too much time in Catholic schools to feel comfortable posting a picture of myself on-line for the whole world to see in my skivvies. Not only that, but since I live in a 19th century farmhouse in New England, I generally don't stand around barely naked until summer.
Well today it's close to 100 degrees in Connecticut, and the humidity is so bad, they've opened up "cooling" centers in town for anyone who doesn't have air conditioning.
Thank god that we do have central air. I'm not a big fan of using it, but sometimes you just have to.
My yoga studio, however, still refuses to turn on the air conditioning. The shala where I practice is rather hard-core and believes that air-conditioning both interferes with detoxification (the sweat is purifying), and that the extreme heat and humidity makes you more limber.
I don't know about the detoxing, but I can attest that I'm much more flexible in the heat.
But everyone has their limits, and although I still went to the shala and practiced today, I went early, to avoid the worst of the heat, and I wore as little as possible without provoking a scandal.
If it was socially acceptable, I'd practice sans bra and shorts on these extreme heat days (but then I'd still have to get over the whole Catholic school thing).
Since that isn't socially acceptable (and the nuns have scarred me for life), I wore the shortest yoga shorts I could find and just a sports bra to yoga this morning (I did wear a tank top over the assemble to and from).
Since I'd let 20 or 30 sweaty yogis see me like this, I thought I might as well snap a photo and post it for the world to see.
How do I look?
Be kind, remember that I'm almost 50.


  1. Well had you not said you were almost 50, I would never had known. I think you look fantastic!

  2. kind? YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!!

    Welcome to the EXPOSED movement :)


  3. Awesome! You are so brave, and you look wonderful!! By the way, I love the pink walls.

  4. yeah I finally got the link :) I think that you look great, but more importantly it's how you feel on the inside. Thanks for joining and I am glad that I've got your link :)

  5. Glad you overcame the Catholic school thing and took part! So happy that you're feeling comfortable enough with your body to do this. You look great