Monday, November 22, 2010

When Fantasy Girls Aren't Fantastic Enough

When fantasy girls aren't fantastic enough there's always Photo-Shop:

OK, I assume that if you make the cut as a Playboy Center-fold, you've got a fantastic body. But apparently, no woman, according to the Playboy editors, is good enough. Did you know that nipples could be "too perky?" That a woman with huge breasts needs more curve in her butt? Did you know that a centerfold body still needs to have her stomach flattened more?

Photo-Shop may be a new technology, but men have always idealized women's bodies past the realm of reality. Ever see those Indian statues of goddesses with huge melon sized breasts, flat stomachs and tiny rear ends? Even in Western art, women were idealized to the standards of the time. Rubin's' huge rounded women or blond haired,blue eyed Madonnas.

And, it's the artifice that leads women to believe that our bodies are not good enough. It's the artifice that leads many women into dangerous dieting habits, plastic surgery, etc., to try to attain unnatural proportions. Rosie O'Donnell says it best in this old movie clip:

Eating well and exercising will help us to achieve a healthy, thinner body, but being "thin" with huge knockers is not the natural body of most women. There are those chosen few who have the genetic fortune to be built that way, but even Marilyn Monroe had a huge butt and pretty thick thighs (go watch Some Like it Hot, when Marilyn Monroe walks past Tony Curtis and the camera focuses in on her ass, it's bigger then anything you'd see on the screen today that depicted as sexually appealing).

So forget the artifice, and stick with reality. You'll be happier and healthier.


  1. I think the truly sad thing is that as porn's women become more and more artificial, with plastic surgery and airbrushing, I suspect the brains of boys nurtured on these images will have unrealistic expectations of what breasts and butts and bellies and thighs will look like on a "normal, real" woman, even a normal real healthy one. I mean, I've seen dirty postcards from bygone eras, with some dimpled thighs and generous butts, some skinny and boyish, some downright rotund, with cellulite.

    Ah, well. We're so screwed up in so many ways socially...

  2. Very thought provoking article. Thanks for sharing.

    First place I lose weight is in my boobs. LOL