Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Surviving Thanksgiving and Beyond Guide

Tomorrow is, of course, Thanksgiving. The start of the annual more than a month-long, glutton-fest called the Holidays. It's a time of year were no matter how good you are, you still inevitably gain weight.

Over the years, I've developed some survival techniques to minimize the damage from this period. Notice I say "minimize." I've accepted the fact that now is not the time of year to try to lose weight, and pretty much the most I can do is just keep the weight gain to under 3 or 4 pounds.

My plan is pretty simple. I realize that food is part of the festivities. I don't deny myself anything that I really and truly love that's pretty much only available this time of year. I do, of course, limit myself. So when my girl-friend Diane gives me my annual bag of her incredible home-made, white chocolate peppermint bark, I allow myself a few pieces and give the rest away prior to yielding to the temptation to finish off the whole bag.

Gift baskets are quickly deconstructed with any fresh fruits and vegetables going into the fridge, and any chocolates, cookies and other high calorie treats taken immediately to the local food pantry.

With big meals, like Thanksgiving, I keep my portions small, and realize there's always leftovers. I really don't need to eat stuffing, mashed potatoes and candied sweet potatoes all at once, when there's always tomorrow. I also pass up anything that primarily came from a can or a box in favor of made from scratch foods (they usually taste better anyway).

I focus on eating mostly vegetables at every meal!!!

I try to fit in one or two mid-week mild cleanses in December.

Whenever I have the time, I try to fit in a little extra exercise.

I cook very light dinners during the week in December. A simple grilled salmon with a salad on the side and lemon vinaigrette is a typical meal.


  1. Good tips... I am thankful for so much… getting healthy in 2010 is near the top of the list behind family & friends.


  2. Very good tips :) What kind of cleanses do you do in December...that's a great idea. Keep us posted for the best approach to those.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!