Friday, October 22, 2010

Sometimes You're better Off with the Steak

I'm sorry but anything that contains upwards of 1,200 calories in a single serving should not be allowed to use the designation "salad."

These gut busting salads are just one reason why I want calorie counts on menus. When you're someone like me who can only eat 1,600 calories a day without gaining weight (I'm pretty small), then I sure as hell want to know if eating a "salad" will blow my entire caloric wad for the day.

And, frankly, I do not understand why the restaurant business has fought putting calorie counts on menus. I mean how the hell, fucking hard could it be to just list a few extra words and numbers on a freakin' menu. Many chain restaurants already list the calorie counts on their websites, so just take the information from there and post the god-damn numbers on the god-damn menu.

I've gone through the bother of checking calorie counts on-line, and have too often been appalled at what I've found. It would really help me out to know prior to ordering, and I really don't understand the problem from the restaurant side.


  1. I can easily understand why restaurants resist posting calories. Most items are so overloaded with cals it would cause menu madness. I remember my favorite burger: the guacamole bacon burger at Red Robin. I almost choked when I saw the stats--enough calories and fat for a couple of days--yikes!!! --Carol

  2. If resturants posted calorie counts on their menu they would loose so much money, by maybe half of their customers. There's still plenty of people out there who don't care what they put in their body and have no idea if 15000 calories is a lot or a little. However, I think it would also push resturants to come up with more sensible options. And then there's also places no one should eat no matter how healthy they are, like McDonalds! There is no real food there.

  3. About that steak. Before I serve the 6 ounces of lean meat, I soak it in butter and salt to make it shiny and tasty. That's 400 extra calories of love, not listed on any USDA list, so you smile as you inhale it. Sorry..