Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Going to Hell

At least according to this guy:

This again shows how ignorant some of these "Christians" can be. Yoga is not Hinduism. Yoga is not a religion. Many yogis are Hindus, but some are also Buddhist, Muslim, etc.

Myself, I'm of no religion (although I was raised a Catholic.) It's a shame that idiots like Pastor Mark Driscoll spread misinformation and scare their followers away from something that could ultimately be beneficial to them.

In fact, I think many of the people sitting in this guy's audience would be better off in a yoga class then listening to this clown. Pastor Driscoll is probably more demonic and bad for people's souls then any yogi could be.

Indeed, in my lifetime I've met far more people of the "religious" bent who I found lacking in moral charactor then those I've met in my yogic journeys.


  1. Ah, Driscoll. One of the young preachers trying to make Calvinism look cool.

    Yoga, for me anyway, is not spiritual at all. I would think that someone worshipping or using yoga for spiritual pursuit would have a certain pattern of poses or something. My fav instructor beginning a class with, "This will be great for our abs" or "Today, I think we'll focus on leg and arm strength" is about as far from spiritual as one can get.

  2. All the bad stuff going on in the world and he has to preach on the 'evils' of yoga? Sad...