Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some things I just Don't Get

One of my closest friends got married this weekend. It was a truly magical wedding held in a restaurant on Long Island Sound with spectacular views of the sound from the covered porch where the meal was served.

Since my girlfriend had been in the restaurant business for years (her first husband was a chef), the food was extraordinarily good, and I'm happy to report pretty healthy. The menu included salmon, pork and grilled vegetables.

But one thing mystified me--deep fried spinach. Yes, the chef took individual spinach leaves, deep fried them then coated them with a decidedly unhealthy dose of salt.

Why take something as healthy and nutritious as spinach, which tastes wonderful steamed or simply sauteed and deep fry it?

The taste certainly wasn't improved. It tasted like ultra-thin, green potato chips.

I only took a couple of bites out of curiosity, but it was definitely something to leave on the plate.

Which was a good thing since the wedding cake was my all time favorite dessert--carrot cake. And, it was YUMMY!!!

What can I say, every so often you have to treat yourself, and for me carrot cake is something you just go to go for.


  1. Novelty factor, I guess.

    Good choice for a wedding cake! Yum!

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  3. I've seen the fried spinach on TV (Wolfgang Puck, among others), but I think it was more of a garnish -- maybe I'm wrong. I've never seen it in my area and I've certainly not tried to make it

    The carrot cake sounds wonderful. It's one of my favorites, too.

  4. I love carrot cake, too! I like kale that has been baked until crispy and I've wondered if one could bake spinach. Hmmm.