Friday, May 7, 2010

Lisa's Story

Prior Fat Girl has a must read post today on her blog which you can read here:

It's quite a compelling story about a girl who went from a normal weight, struggled with what seems to have been some form of anorexia, then went to being too heavy, and then back to a normal weight.

This young woman (she was just 22 when her eating problems began), had self worth issues and used not eating, then over-eating as a crutch.

One thing yoga has taught me is to be mindful about what I eat. To not just focus on the pleasure eating brings, but the health and ethical aspects as well. Mindfulness in our eating, should also lead us to analyze why we eat. Is it out of boredom? To fill some emotional need?

Sometimes we need to analyze not just what we eat but why we eat or don't eat.

Lisa did that, and now she seems to be on a healthier road.

Way to go Lisa!!

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  1. This Mother's Day weekend I thought a lot about the sugar I was eating. These goodies were gifts from doting kids who handmade me candies, cakes, fudge, and a pie. Yes, all that! I tried all of it, and we enjoyed the treats together, but while eating I realized that it doesn't really get better than the first bite. I mean, one bite of each would have been more than enough to satisfy. Now I am left feeling physically ill.

    Next year, I am going to let Daddy know that he should encourage the kids to make healthier treats that Mom will really enjoy. Everyone in the house knows about my battle for good health and I have used it as a learning experience to teach the kids how to eat better. All the chocolate this year was sweet, but a wholesome, clean dinner would have been even better. (Honestly, I am left wondering if the kids used Mother's Day as an excuse to fill the kitchen with high sugar treats that we usually do not eat much of anymore.)