Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We're being Manipulated

This is a very good article on how advertising and marketing manipulates us into buying stuff.The whole article is very informative, so if you have the time, I recommend reading the whole thing.

The bottom line, advertising and marketing gets us to buy stuff we don't need until we're in debt, as well as convincing us that products will do for us what we want them to do (even if they won't).

I've always preached that if a product is marketed that it will help you lose weight or be healthy, then the chances are it will actually do just the opposite..

Let's get real, if something actually will make you thin, it doesn't have to be marketed that way. You don't see the tag line "the skinny food!!" on a bag of carrots because no there's no need for it. But a bag of processed, chemical filled junk does need marketing to seduce you to buy it by appealing to your emotions and desires.

Don't fall for it.  


  1. one of my pet peeves is when they freaking LIE to us= the general public...thanks for helping to get the word out.