Monday, April 18, 2011

My "Spa" Weekend.

My husband give me a treat this weekend.  He took the kids and disappeared for the night!!!  

Actually, he went to visit family in New Jersey, and left me all alone Saturday night into Sunday. 

Of course, when he first told me he would be going away, overnight, with the kids, my first instinct was to see if any GFs were available and PARTY!!

But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that what I really needed was to just RELAX.  I'd been feeling pretty tired and run down lately, and thought it might actually be nice to just stay home, read and take a nice, long relaxing bath.

My husband left around 3 in the after noon on Saturday and the first thing I did was make myself a cup a tea and headed up to my bedroom where I through a log in the fireplace and lit it.   It was probably only the third time since we've lived here that I actually had a fire in my Master-bedroom, and it was a perfect day to do so.    It was pouring rain and windy outside with claps of thunder punctuating the otherwise quite house from time to time (I was really happy I had decided to just stay home). 

Fire roaring, I then settled under the covers in bed and read, uninterupted for over an hour--a pretty amazing experience.    Then, I took a little nap, and when I woke up, went downstairs to make myself a nice salad for dinner.

After dinner, I jumped on the treadmill for a bit while I watched a movie--uninteruppted.   Then, I filled up the clawfoot tub in my master bath with nice hot water, added some Lavender scented bubble bath, and had a long, long soak.

At this point, I really wasn't missing anybody, but thought it good-form to call and feign missing them.   No answer, so I left a message, got in my jammies and got to read some more.

The next morning, I got up on my own without someone telling me they were hungry and asking when I was getting up.  I went to yoga, and when I got back realized that I had to return to reality.  I worked in the yard some, then scrubbed down the master bath, and then the family came back home. 


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  1. Oh you day sounded soooo relaxing! And relaxation is so vital! With all the heavy workouts and unavoidable errands of life, I always try to sqeeze at least half a day every week where its just me and what I want to do. Whether its more exercise or just watching a movie on my couch, I find that it really gives my mind and body a much needed revitalizing session so that I can keep going. I actually think it's a neccessary part of my weight loss journey and completely healthy!