Monday, April 25, 2011

Fat is Contagious?

I'm posting this more because I thought it was interesting.  I certainly don't think it's dogma. 

While the article notes that being around obese people is more likely to make one obese, I think the article leaves out one major factor.   Food is social.   When we socialize, food is just about always involved, and if the people we're socializing with are overweight or obese, chances are they're not serving carrots and healthy dips.   They're also less likely to take you to an organic, vegetarian restaurant (or appreciate you taking them there).

I've preached before that if you're losing weight you can't go it alone.   Like it or not you have to bring your entire family with you onto the lower calorie/healthier eating track, and even I will admit that its not easy.  I'm still constantly battling my husband over food issues.  But I have gained some ground over the last few years, and my entire family is better off for it. 

That's not to say that the work is not over.   My kids are as vegetable adverse as anyone else's, and getting my husband to make healthier choices in restaurants is proving nearly impossible.   But, I have gotten my kids used to the idea that candy and ice cream are occasional rewards that are almost never kept in the house, and my husband no longer throws a fit when presented with a meatless meal. 

And, I've lost weight and kept it off in the transformation.  

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