Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Good News on the GMO Front

I don't know how long this will stand, but a judge ruled that farmers can't plant any more genetically modified sugar beets:

Unfortunately, I don't have the time right now to go into all the reasons why you should avoid GMO food and products made with GMO foods, but if you have the time, I suggest you do some research.

The approval of the planting of GMO sugar beets several years ago, lead me to change my sugar buying habits. I now look for organic products that promise no GMO sourced sugar. It is indeed frightening, that something like half our sugar supply in this country now comes from genetically modified beets. And, the reason for the genetic modification is so that farmers can soak their sugar beet fields in Round-Up (a herbicide). The field gets doused in Round-Up and the weeds die, while the Frankenbeets live.


  1. I've been seeing more about GMO foods, scary!

  2. Really... I have never even heard of that. Wow, learn something new every day. Thanks, now I can look this stuff up.