Friday, August 13, 2010

Dr., Dr., Give me the News . . . .

I'm off to the doctor this afternoon.

Last October, I somehow managed to injure my shoulder in a way that set me way back in my yoga practice. I had to back off any postures, sun salutations or asanas that put any pressure on my shoulder.

My shoulder also caused me problems when I pumped my arms during my power walk, when I lifted anything heavy, and even prolonged typing led to pain.

After months and months of babying my shoulder. taking lots of Ibuprofen, not doing a big chunk of my normal yoga practice, and using lots of ice and heat, I finally got to the point of no shoulder pain, and resumed my normal routine.

Then, a few weeks ago, my shoulder reared its angry head again.

Needless to say, I'm frustrated. I don't want my shoulder holding me back from doing a full back-bend anymore or any other activity I normally engage in.

I thought I could avoid the whole doctor run around by just letting my shoulder heal over time. But, now I'm realizing that I have to get some medical help if I ever want to get this thing healed and get on with my life.

So this afternoon, I'm seeing my GP. No doubt she'll send me to another specialist, who'll order X-rays then send me to another specialist, etc., etc., etc.

A friend also gave me numbers for her chiropractor and acupuncturist. I've never been to either of these types of alternative medical specialists, but at this point I'll try anything.


  1. I sure hope everything turns out ok, concerning your shoulder dear. I just hope it's not a rotator cuff thing like I had back in the 80's. I had arthroscopic surgery on it twice and it's like new now.

  2. Hope it feels better soon! I have a friend who swears by chiropractors and accupuncture so I think it is worth a try - what have you got to lose right?