Friday, June 18, 2010

A Salad Bar in Every School!!

Brave New Lunch notes that if you put salad bars in schools, the consumption of fruits and vegetables in those schools goes up (well Duh!!!). Specifically:

"UCLA researchers found that fruit and veggie consumption rose roughly 25% after salad bars were placed in three schools (small sample size, but encouraging nonetheless). They suggest that 'poor eating habits at school may in part be the fault of poor selection, not resistance to fresh food.'"
I say that not only should there be a salad bar in every school, but it should be a priorty that everything on those salad bars is as fresh and tasty as possible. Nothing is more a turn off to eating right then limp lettuce and mealy fruit.

Check out Brave New Lunch here:

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  1. bingo! The last 2 years of highschool we had a salad bar at my school. I loved it!!