Thursday, June 10, 2010

Results of the Pedometer Challenge

Over 16,000 steps.

With the pedometer clipped to my waist-band yesterday, and me checking it constantly, I have to say it "inspired" me to move a lot more than I would have normally. I took a few extra trips out to the barn (our stand-in for a garage which is detached from the house), and a few more trips up and down the stairs.

It was such a good inspiration, that I've "pedometered" myself again today. I'm thinking it might be a good habit to get into on the days when I don't have any major social or business meeting (the pedometer would probably ruin the lines of an Armani dress).

I'm pretty sure the inexpensive model I've bought is fraught with inaccuracies, but the intent isn't so much accurately tracking steps, miles and calories, but getting me thinking about just moving more. Even if the pedometer wildly overcounted or undercounted, the point is that it made me conscience of just how inactive or active I was, and got me thinking about ways I could be more active.

So, in the end, it worked.

1 comment:

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