Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Cleanse thus Far

I started a month-long, light cleanse at the end of May, and I'm happy to report that, as expected, the last of the "winter weight" I put on over the holidays has finally fallen come off and then some. With a few more days to go on my cleanse, I feel alert, clear-headed and energetic.

I haven't had a perfect record. Although caffeine was a big no, no, I did fall off the wagon a few times and had a cup of coffee. My staying away from any kind of white flour was also not 100% perfect, and I have to admit to splitting a desert at a restaurant twice.

But overall I stuck to the cleanse, and ate clean and healthy for the majority of the time. I upped the percentage of plant-based food I consumed, and decreased meat, fish and dairy. White flour and refined grains were pretty much banished (with a couple of slips), and I did wean myself off coffee for most of the month.

Generally every June in the midst of my light cleanse, I spend a week or so in a more intense cleanse, but my ability to do so was hamstrung this year. Usually my husband disappears for a week every June to attend a conference in Washington, DC and that was the time I took to do a light juice fast and go completely raw, vegan.

This year, however, my husband decided not to go to the conference. Was I bummed!!! Not only because I lost the opportunity to cleanse a little deeper, but hell I just like getting him out of the house for a whole entire week!!!

I'm sure all you long time married ladies know exactly what I'm talking about.

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