Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pedometer Challenge

I've been digging my new pedometer so much I did a little Internet research on pedometers yesterday. I found out that generally you want to take 6000 steps a day for health and 10,000 to lose weight.

So today I'm wearing the pedometer for the whole day to see how many steps I take.

I clipped the pedometer on at 5 am for my morning power work, and now, at 7;48 am EDT I've clocked in 6,802 steps.

I've got health down, so let's see if I can hit the "weight loss" goal.


  1. "generally you want to take 6000 steps a day for health and 10,000 to lose weight."

    I've heard more. Unless you've been extremely inactive, I've heard 10,000 for health and 12,000-15,000 (or more) for weight loss. I remember reading about one woman who did over 20,000 to lose weight.

    I used a pedometer daily for a few years. I'm a nurse and easily walked 8,000-10,000 steps daily at work. I needed to go over 15,000 for weight loss.

  2. With my metabolism, I'll probably have to walk over 20,000 to lose any weight.

  3. Not a big fan of pedometers. I'm a bouncy walker, so it counts almost 2 steps for every one I take. *sigh*

    And I've heard that everyone should try to get 10000 in a day. So my tip? Make extra trips. Instead of loading yourself down to take things to or from the table, do it in two or three more trips. Do an extra lap around the grocery store. It'll add up fast.