Friday, May 6, 2011

What Happened to the Top Exercise Trends of the 80's?

I got a good giggle over this.   My knees are still punishing me for taking all  those step and high impact aerobics classes.   And, the clothes we wore to work out back then!!!!   LOL!!!  

Take a look at the link, and tell me which trend you followed in the 80's (I'd also like to hear about your favorite 80's work out garb).    


  1. #1 "Bottom line is that step class is like a hunky, bad boyfriend. You love it in the moment, but the next morning you can barely stand the pain."

    LOVED this line.. just got off my treadmill 5 days ago and have barely been able to stand the pain..... LOL

  2. #4 'Translation: great move for athletes in competitive training and for teens, but an accident waiting to happen for people 50 years-plus. Make that 40.' just a barrel of laughs....