Monday, May 9, 2011

Easy to Grow, Delicious and Good for You

I was happy to read this morning that two of my favorite herbs to grow in the garden are not only delicous to eat, but good for you. 

Sprinkle parsely over your pasta, and you boost your anti-oxidents.   Make a batch of salsa with plenty of cilantro and you can cut your cholesteral and get a little detox going (just don't eat the salsa with chips!!). 

Right outside my kitchen door I have a little garden where I grow both herbs every year.  It's one of my greatest pleasures in the summer to be able to just hop outside my kitchen door and snip as much Parsley and cilantro as I need for whatever I'm cooking.

Parsley is as easy as sin to grow.  You can either sprinkle some seeds in the ground or just buy plants, and you'll have parsley for the whole season. 

Cilantro is a little trickier.  It also grows readily from seed, and you can easily find plants.  Cilantro, however, only really lasts a few weeks before it goes to seed, so you have to keep sowing seed or buying plants all summer to keep it around.

One of my favorite ways to eat birth parsley and cilantro is in the morning on top of my eggs.    Both cilantro and parsley, however, are good sprinkled on just about anything, so I'm constantly use them throughout the year (although I have to buy them in the Winter and early Spring).   And,  tabbouleh is the perfect summer side salad.  I gave a recipe for it here

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  1. Just one more reason to love my little herb garden.