Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sore All Over

It's a rainy, damp, dismal day here in Connecticut.  In fact, it was a rainy, damp, dismal day yesterday, and according to the forecast is likely to stay that way all week.

The only good news about the rain (besides the plants getting a needed soaking), is that its forcing me to take a break from gardening.   As is usual for this time of year, I've been gardening rather heavily.  

Last week, it was perfect gardening weather--not too hot, not too cold and dry (I will admit to being a fair weather gardener.)  I took advantage of the good weather to plant dozens of new annuals, perennials, vegetables  and shrubs, haul around large, heavy bags of manure to mix into the soil, and spread quite of bit of mulch to stop the weeds.   I also fertilized, tied sprawling vines to supports, pinched back peonies, mixed and sprayed deer repellent and performed a multitude of  other minute garden tasks.

The end result of all that gardening activity is that I ache all over.  On Friday, I went to my usual Ashtanga Primary Series led class, and had to make all kinds of modifications to take into account sore, unyielding muscles.

Exercising to the point that you're sore, is not really a good thing.   In yoga we say that you should only practice to the point that its comfortable for you to practice again the next day.   But the reality is that if you engage in an activity that utilizes muscles you don't ordinarily utilize, you're going to be sore. 

One thing I learned a long time ago, is to not stop exercising just because muscles are sore.    If I've overstressed myself one day to the point that I'm sore the next, I just take a little ibuprofen, apply a little heat or ice, stretch out a bit and take it a bit easier.   A nice hot bath with Epsom salts, if I can find the time, also helps.   Continuing to exercise doesn't make me any more sore, so it's no reason to stop completely. 

But, I'm still welcoming the lousy weather this week as an excuse to take a little break from gardening.  


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