Friday, February 12, 2010

Calculate Your BMI and Body Fat

I just found this nifty site with both a BMI and Body Fat calculator.

You can calculate your BMI here:

You can calculate your body fat here:

At 5'3" and 131 pounds and 48 years old, my BMI is 23.2 which puts me on par with someone who is 20-30. I guess that means I'm doing OK weight wise.

I'll have to take my measurements and load them in to calculate my body fat. I know my waist and hip measurements, but I don't think I've ever measured my neck.


  1. According to this thing, I have the BMI of a 70 year old. I suppose going back to bed would be counter-productive.

  2. According to these tools, I'm at the perfect BMI and fat percentage (of course, I kept having to make myself taller and taller in order to get there).

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