Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Start Your Day with a Little Lemon Tea

I used to be one of those people who couldn't make a move in the morning prior to having her first cup of coffee. But then I learned that drinking coffee can actually inhibit weight loss efforts (I'll go into that in-depth at some later time).

Now I'm not one to totally give up on coffee. I absolutely love the stuff. But I did make changes, including cutting way back on my overall caffeine consumption.

The best switch I made was to a cup of lemon tea first thing in the morning. Drinking lemon tea first thing helps "to get things moving" (if you know what I mean), and detox the body.

It's so simple to make. All you need is fresh lemons. Simply squeeze a large wedge of lemon into a coffee mug and put the squeezed wedge into the cup. Pour boiling water to the brim of the cup, then sit back and enjoy.

If you want to enhance the elimination effects of the lemon tea (always a wonderful thing first thing in the morning), add a tablespoon of organic extra virgin olive oil.

And, this time of year I make my first morning tea lemon mint (since the mint is already so abundant in the garden). I crush a few mint leaves into a tea infuser and let steep with the lemon.

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