Monday, February 13, 2012

Wow!! Now this is a Work-Out

Maybe its because I live in Connecticut.  Maybe because I've led a sheltered life.  I've never met anyone who does pole dancing as a work-out and so had no idea what it entailed.    The only time I was ever exposed to pole dancing was when Demi Moore did it in Striptease.

That's probably why I was so blown away when I saw the first video.   I knew that pole dancing has been marketed as a work-out, but I never really understood what it entailed.  I always imagined it as being a bunch of women trying to look sexy by shimmying around a pole.

But this woman, Jenyene Butterfly really takes pole dancing to a whole other level--almost akin to gymnastics.  Some of the sequences this woman performs in her routine are nothing short of amazing.   It takes quite a bit of strength, flexibility and grace to pull them off.

So here's to a new found appreciation to the art and athleticism of pole dancing.