Friday, February 10, 2012

Food For Thought

Mindful eating can lead to less eating.   A thought provoking article from the New York Times. 

I know that trying to be mindful when I'm eating is a struggle for me.   Because I work, take care of kids (including my Autistic son), volunteer, etc., eating is often multi-tasked with everything else I have to do.  

But, I do know about eating mindfully, and try to do it whenever I can.   Sometimes just really focusing on what your eating, and taking the time to really appreciate your food can awake realizations in your mind.   

For example, if you really slow down and focus on the taste of some processed snack you think you can't do without, you may realize that, in reality, you really don't like it all that much.   Or, if you slow down and really consider the different tastes and textures in a salad, you may realize that eating salad is really a treat and not a suffering.