Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Vegan Experience

Kenji over at Serious Eats ate a purely vegan diet for 28 days and blogged about it.   It's a pretty good read and gives a lot of good insight.  

I liked this:

What has changed for me—and this is something I did not forsee—was the perceived benefits of meat eating. Over the last four weeks, I've come to realize that I can lead a perfectly fulfilling life even when drastically cutting down on my meat and dairy intake. Indeed, I've felt more rewarded and interested culinarily than I've felt in years.

I also liked this:

I firmly believe that given a supply of good, fresh vegetables, a few basic techniques and recipes up your sleeves, a modicum of commitment, and a genuine willingness to welcome a mental shift, that anybody can be convinced that eating a diet richer in vegetables can be every bit as satisfying, better for the environment, and better for your body than a meat-based diet. Heck, last Friday night, I even took my dad (an avowed meat eater) out for a surprise 12-course all-vegan tasting menu at Craigie On Main. Now, granted, that's a hardcore, James Beard award winning chef cooking vegetables, but still, we were halfway through course five before my dad even realized that we'd thus far had no animal products of any kind. If my Dad can be convinced, I'm confident that anybody can.

There's also a Top Ten Tips for New Vegans list which is well worth the read.

Kenji is no longer eating strictly vegan, but it was an interesting experiment, and one that I think is worth repeating from time to time.