Monday, June 6, 2011

Husband's Away so It's Detox Time

Since I'm trying to a few pounds and because I believe that cleansing is an overall good thing, I'm starting a detox today.
My husband left on  a business trip yesterday morning (Sunday) and won't be back until late Tuesday.   I generally find that cleansing while he's away is easier then when he's home.

When my husband first told me about this business trip two weeks ago, I thought it would be great to do a serious deep cleanse, like a juice detox.   I thought I could start it Sunday when he left and carry it through to Wednesday.

But then I realized I had a dinner out scheduled for Saturday and a fund-raiser last night, so I couldn't do the necessary "prep" work for a serious cleanse (which involves going off sugar, caffeine and meat, dairy, eggs and fish prior to starting).

So, I'm repeating the light cleanse that I did this Winter and blogged about here.   I brewed up the special tea yesterday, and am committing to eating nothing but fresh fruit and vegetables all day.   I may try to juice cleanse tomorrow into Wednesday after I've had a day to "clean out" my system, but this is probably a good strategy given my constraints.


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  1. Have you ever read Paavo Airola's juice fasting books? I used them extensively in the 80's when I was in glorious British Columbia. That was my era of 'The Mother Earth News' magazine, going back to the earth and foraging with Euell Gibbons! Good times, good times! LOL