Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dudes Doing Yoga

Let's face it. Men who practice yoga in this country get no respect. I'm always trying to negate the resistance of men to even try practicing yoga because they view it as "women's exercise," by pointing out that yoga was created for men by men. Women practicing yoga is a recent phenomena.

And, as any woman with curves could tell you, many of the asanas were obviously created with no thought to female anatomy. Just try doing a bound Marichasana C when you're cup size is a 32D. Let me tell you, it would be a lot easier without the boobs.

And, let's not forget the asanas that are so much more difficult for woman to do because we lack the inherent upper body strength that men have. I'm sure I would have accomplished Bakasana much sooner had I been a man.

So when I do see men who commit to yoga, I'm always impressed. Once they get past their lack of flexibility (let's face it, boys aren't encouraged to stretch the way girls are), they accomplish incredible asanas.

So there's now a new website that celebrates Dudes doing Yoga which you can check out here:

I think it's marvelous, because yoga really is a fantastic all around exercise program, particularly the more vigorous forms like Ashtanga.

And, from the men I've seen who practice yoga regularly and looking at these Dudes, you can't argue with the results. Men who practice regularly pretty much always have awesome bodies.

So if there are any Dudes out there, give yoga a try.


  1. When I attended my Hot Yoga last night, it was noted that there were at least 50% men attending the class. This is not the norm and was good to see.

  2. I see more then the usual number of men in my Ashtanga shala as well, particularly in the harder classes. I guess men like the harder practices.