Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Unexpected things may come your way

I live in an old house. The Historical Society plaque says the house dates from 1825, but that's just because that's the first record of it they could find. The house is probably older then that, but no records exist to prove just how old it is.

In any event, living in an old house has its charms. I have exposed chestnut beams, wide plank floors, a fireplace in my master bedroom, and windows with panes of antique wavy glass.

But, as I always explain to visitors who walk into my home and tell me they wish they could live in an old house too, you have to be a true romantic to live in an antique home.

You also always have to be prepared for the unexpected. My husband and I decided to paint our house, but some shingles on the south end gable of the house were rotting and needed to be replaced. In any event, since the rest of the house was clapboards, the shingles looked out of place.

So we pulled off the shingles to discover that they never removed the original clap-boards, so they needed to be removed as well. The original clapboards were nailed directly onto the frame of the house (no sheathing), and some of those beams were rotten and needed to be replaced as well.

This house is like an onion, but as you peel back the layers you never know what you'll find. You have to just be prepared for the unexpected, and make sure you have enough funds to cover whatever may arise.

Losing weight and keeping it off is a lot like that as well. In the course of the day, you never know what surprises may look to throw you off your intended dieting plans for the day. You have to be prepared for whatever may arise to keep yourself on track.

Sometimes its just planning. Grabbing a banana or an apple to take with you as you head out the door, can keep you satisfied so that you don't run to the closest fast food drive thru because your appointments took longer then you thought, you're starving and there's no time to get home before your next appointment.

Sometimes it's just willpower. Having the willpower to say no to friends and colleagues pushing cake on you because its some one's birthday.

But, whatever it takes, it's worth it. When you stick with your weight loss plan and the pounds slowly come off and you're able to buy smaller sized clothes, you'll know that the extra effort is worth it.

Just like having a room full of two-hundred year old, hand planed panelling, makes all the hassles of owning an antique home worth it, dropping several dress or pants sizes makes the additional planning and willpower worth it.


  1. Awesome analogy. Thoroughly enjoyed that !!

  2. Nice house! Yes, investing time and energy to take care of what is valuable is important. Sometimes I forget I'm valuable, too.