Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maybe I should Just Get Divorced?

Because, according to this my marriage could be a source of weight gain. 

Unfortunately, I'm pretty happily married, so that won't be happening anytime soon.  

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  1. I call the fat I gained in the first 8 years of our relationship "bliss fat". I kept waiting for the honeymoon period to end, like people tell you it does, and it never did. The fat from year 8 to recently was "my body is a mess/sick/crippled/what the hell happening to me fat". I had a great marriage, but an effed up physiology plus depression. If I hadn't had such an amazing man at my side, I'd have offed myself in my misery.

    Now, the bliss is all back. Still fat, but less fat.

    Bliss Fat. Misery Fat. But great marriage all along. :D

    Yeah, let's keep 'em.

    I'm back to